Expo Le Fil Rouge

365 days behind my lens 
du 23 mai au 1er juin
Dans la Grange chez Viano-Besson
28 route de Soral 1232 Confignon
Vernissage le mercredi 23 mai dès 18h.
Horaires :
Mercredi 23 mai vernissage dès 18h
Jeudi 24 mai : 18h-20h
Samedi 26 mai : 16h-20h
Mercredi 30 mai : 18h-20h
Jeudi 31 mai : 18h-20h
Vendredi 1er juin : 18h-20h
Ou sur rv au 076 330 48 74

Since 21st of mai 2017, I put a picture a day on several social medias.
This exhibition shows in a particular was how time changes during one year.

With flashlamps, you will wander in a total obscurity following the Fil Rouge wich will lead you thru my pictures. 

Expo at UNIGE

Next expo at the Geneva University :

If you are looking for some original prints in postcards formats
you can order it (10 for 20€ + shipping). Just send me a message.